Mochizuki Tax Corporation consists of professionals who are playing active role in tax and accounting mainly in Matsumoto.

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2-5-12, Josai, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, 390-0875, Japan

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"To support small-and medium-sized entities comprehensively" is our policy from establishment of Mochizuki Tax Corporation in 1972.
From the time of establishment, environment surrounding small-and medium-sized entities is changing dramatically. Entities cannot rely on their previous success story. They have to respond to the dizzy pace of social change.

Mochizuki Tax Corporation will fully support small-and medium-sized entities' management who are willing to grow under this competitive society. We will help making environment that management can concentrate on their company's business by supporting not only in tax and accounting but also in managerial strategy and designing and verifying in managerial policy.

Regarding to financing and accounting, we are offering cloud accounting system which able you to enter from several computer and watch your latest finance data whenever and wherever you are. This will support especially medium-sized companies to promote rationalizing in accounting and fast decision-making.

It is also important in this aging society with a falling birth rate to take measure to take over your property to your next generation without fail. Our corporation can analyze and offer the way to defend your asset using latest taxation system and various know-how.

Please take full advantage of our ability to realize better management and better life.

Mochizuki Tax Corporation Representative Partner Yukiko Momose

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