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Medical Management ConsultationMedical Management Consultation

About Our Medical Management Consultation

Medical Management Consultation

Medical institutions and nursing facilities and are necessary social infrastructure to save citizens' lives and to live happily. Medical institutions and nursing facilities' presence is becoming stronger and people's needs are changing. What those facilities have to do is to meet the patients' demand and also have to manage stably as social infrastructure.

We would like to support managements of medical care to realize their ideas and to make a better society by professional consultation and giving advice.

We are a member of MMPG (Medical Management Planning Group). MMPG is an association of tax accountant and CPA who are engaged in consultation of medical management. We can take advantage of MMPG's rich database and business improvement knowhow to resolve your problem and to support your growth.

What We Can Do in Medical Management Consultation Team

Medical Management Consultation

In this team, we can offer consultation about medical and nursing facilities' accounting and tax, and also about medical management.

We can support you on anything that related to medical practice like finding real estate property and education of nurses after in practice.
For example,

How to control cash, recording and organizing accounting books
Simulation of investment recovery when buying equipment
Support in procedure of recruiting and selecting new staff
Research on trend of patients and share in the area
Questionnaire to measure the patients' satisfaction level
Support in drawing up managerial plan which makes a future of doctor's office and facilities

We are offering free advice to whom wanting to start doctor's office or nursing facilities on open one's practice or renovation.
Please feel free to contact us.

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