Mochizuki Tax Corporation consists of professionals who are playing active role in tax and accounting mainly in Matsumoto.

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Concept of Farming ConsultationConcept of Farming Consultation

Farming Consultation in Mochizuki Tax Corporation

Farming Consultation

We support anyone who would like to do farming as a corporation.
We will support anyone who aim for strong farm management regardless of management entity. For example, family-run small-sized firm, part-time farmer, new entrant to farming as a company or individual, and product organization like community farming.

We will support you in farming management in general like accounting, tax, managerial diagnosis, farm planning, and also diversification of farming, intermediate partnership between farming and commerce industry and incorporating farm management.

Decreasing of Human Resources and Increasing of Deserted Cultivated Land


Environment surrounding farming is changing drastically these days. Farm producers are getting old and human resources are inadequate. As a result, deserted cultivated lands are increasing and in current situation, farming is weakened as not profitable industry. Reorganization is starting because the effect of external factor like TPP will be expected.

Farming consulting team consist of expert of tax and management so you can get definite support regarding to management and four of farming adviser will aim for solving many problem that farm management have.

Want to Challenge to the Future Farming

Farming consulting team of Mochizuki Tax Corporation will support everyone who are engaging in farming.

Would like to acquire farming land
Would like to be a certified farmer by planning farm management
Would like to incorporate family-run farming or incorporation of farm producing company
Considering diversification by doing farmer's restaurant, farmer's guest house, green tourism and providing chance of experience in farming
Would like to manufacture and sell agricultural product
Would like to know about farm accounting and analysis of management and would like to know how to close accounting and declare tax

We will support and solve problems whoever engaged to farming, or whoever wanting to start farming.

Mochizuki Tax Corporation Farm consulting tea
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