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Consultation in Business SuccessionConsultation in Business Succession

Our service on consultation in business succession

Consultation in Business Succession

「What is your image regarding to business succession? You might think of things like "change of management" "rejuvenation of management" "difficult things to explain to the clients" "no one to succeed".<BR />
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There are many problems regarding to management in small-and medium-sized entities but it's not too much to say that most of the problem is related to business succession. Entity is based on the premise of going concern so it's not the end for the company just because there are no one to manage. If there are children or someone to succeed when the management think it's time to retire, the business succession likely to go well. However, there are many company that are absent of successor. Even if there are successor, the management cannot retire even if they are at the old age because it's too early to succeed because of their young age or their experience is not enough. If the company have to close their business just because there are no successor, it will exert an influence to not only the management's family but also to the affiliates like the employee and their family and the clients. We think it is beneficial for the society to keep the business going and keep the business growing.

Consultation in Business Succession

We will support business succession by working together with variety of specialist. We will go through business succession plan we can think of and we will offer you the best plan for you.

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